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Why work for us?

It's not just about finding a job. It's about finding a career that compliments the passion you bring to your work—place where other people share your aspirations.

Our culture is linked by our shared values and our commitment to putting 'People First'. 'People First' is the motto that USRA has embodied for more than 45 years. We firmly believe that our people are the key component to our success. USRA helps employees accomplish an effective balance between work and personal life and supports employee's efforts to have a positive influence in the communities where they live.

Finding the right work environment will be an essential factor in your success. Our employees have several reasons why they chose to work for USRA. For some insights about what it is like to work at USRA, see employee testimonies below.


'USRA provides the opportunity to work with world-class scientists and engineers on grand challenges facing our nation, and the opportunity to achieve near-term impact with a long-term research agenda through support for NASA missions and projects. The culture and organization of USRA provides tremendous support for individuals who have ideas to make a difference in the world with those ideas.' -David Bell, Director, USRA-RIACS employee since 2002


'The atmosphere is great and the science is fascinating but it is the people that keep me coming back for more. The opportunity to meet and work with people from every corner of the world. People who want to push the boundaries of understanding of our Solar System and the universe beyond.' -Mary Ann Hager, CIRS Manager, USRA-LPI employee since 1976